We are your complete partner for private label manufacturing

At Your Nutrition Lab we can help you go from an idea to a finished product for your webbshop or a physical store. We can assist in recipe development, printing and design of labels, production and also distribution where we offer dropshipping to your customers.

Or maybe you already have a product and just need help with packaging it? Then we can offer filling services at our facilities at a competitive price and a short lead time.

If you a personal trainer and want an easy way to sell custom mixes based on your clients’ needs check out our online nutrition lab. We also offer wholesale of our products as well as a selection of premium Swedish brands.

If you are interested only in private label manufacturing, continue to the section below to learn more.

What we do?

  • Recipe/product development
  • Packaging and printing
  • Filling of products in powder form
  • Drop-shipping to your customers
  • Wholesale of premium Swedish and foreign brands

We create state of the art nutrition with the best taste and highest quality


Custom recipe or ready mix

We have a long experience in mix formulation and taste creation and can do any mix you want. Or you can select any of our pre-made products


Produced in Sweden

All our products are produced in Sweden which is a quality assurance both in Sweden and internationally


HACCP production

We use hazard analyses critical control points to make sure that our production meets high quality and is secure.

Small and large orders

We do custom nutrition down to 1kg so we are used to small volumes, but of course we can produce much much more. With a larger volume we can offer competitive prices. We also do ”on demand production” coupled to our drop-shipping service.

Wholesale of premium Swedish brands

If you want to speed up sales launch, we also offer wholesale of our products as well as other premium Swedish brands, which will allow you to create a boutique with a unique high quality range of nutrition products.


Drop-shipping means that we store your products and when you get and order we ship the products to your customer. This makes it possible to launch a new brand without a storage and personnel.


1. You market our products to your customers

2. Your customers order our products from you

3. It is up to you to decide what to charge your customers for our products

4. When a customer makes a purchase their order is automatically placed in our system

5. We send the order directly to your customer. And you get product tracking number from us.

6. Your customer gets a package with YOUR company info. We can also offer storage of your product stock.

Standard to unique protein and carbs products

We have a vast array of products that you can select from and sell under your own brend. For example whey80, isolates, different plant based powders, gainers and carb mixes.

Of course, you can always take our help to create a new unique mix exactly as you want it to be, with added vitamins or other special ingredients. We have most of the things you can dream of in stock.

Premium taste amino acids and PWOs

We have premium amino acids from vegan sources and high-quality PWO ingredients, and can make products in almost any taste. We assure you will be satisfied with our knowledge in the filed.

Decide on any of our premade blends or create your own unique product.

Super nutrients

We have much more ingredients than what you normally define as sport nutrition and have several super nutrients with detoxifying effects in stock as well as vegetable proteins with impressive health benefits.

Tablets and Capsules


If you want to offer your customer unique vitamin and mineral supplements, we can make them in either tablet or capsule form. We have high-quality ingredients and you can make almost any vitamin/mineral supplement you want.

We can also provide you with the so loved Omega 3 soft gel capsules


Sparkling beverages in PET bottles

If you have created a unique and interesting BCAA, PWO or vitamin mix why stop at a powder or tablet? Why not take it one step further and offer your customers a well tasting carbonated drink. We can fix that for you as well.


Week 1

First contact

You contact us and tell us what you want to create
Weeks 2-4

Recipe creation

Together we discuss the possible product with the ingredients we have and make a first draft for a recipe. Here you can also select any of our many premade mixes as a base.

We continue with this information to the lab and make a first recipe and a test product according to your requirements.


We send a series of samples to you for you to taste and decide which one is the best and what you want to change to make the product perfect.

Brand creation

A good product is nothing without a good design and an appealing brand. Maybe you already have it all figured out or already is selling products but maybe you need help in this step and we can both listen and give input to your ideas as well as help you find the right design skills.
Week 5-6

Test production

After you are happy with the samples and think the product is done we normally do a test product. You buy a few products from us that you can give to people you know or show an interest and even do those first so important sales.

Final product

After getting input from more people and even some real customers the product can be finished for production
Week 7-8


You place and order of your new product or products and we make sure to have it finished as soon as possible.

Are you ready to start your adventure with a custom brand? Contact us now!